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Awkward Life Experience No.326

I realize it's a doctor's office and everybody having a baby goes in there, but there's something odd about walking into an OB-GYN alone as a guy.

We had the full anatomy for the baby yesterday, and I got to the dr's office a few minutes before Shannon did, so I had the awkward life experience of strolling into the OB-GYN alone. (Reminds me of Richard, as a high school boy, going to buy tampons all by himself - but that's a whole other story!)

The appointment went just fine, and they said Shannon is well and the baby looked like it's supposed to so far. For now, we've decided to wait to find out if it's a boy or girl until the delivery. I can't quite tell if it's savoring one of life's sweet surprises or some deeply rooted seed of procrastination.

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