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Do you GTD?

Turns out I may be a geek.

A while back David Alexander mentioned reading a little book about getting things done. It was creatively titled, Getting Things Done ["gtd" if you're in]. My interested was piqued. As I rode along the information super-highway that sits on my desktop, I discovered lots of people A)talking about this book and B)talking about nifty little ways to get big done in small time. Basically, now I write stuff on a stack of index cards ('cause they're cheap and fit in my back pocket), have an inbox on my desk, and make to-do lists.

So, I decided I'd read the book. I expect most of it to come down to this formula: write stuff down, have a way to regularly look at what you wrote down, and do those things. But I dropped $15 on B&N hoping I'll discover a little golden nugget or two.

If you'd like a little what I like to call "productive procrastination", here you go: 43folders, 43f-odeo, pastor hacks, lifedev, lifehack, lifehacker... Not all great. Some seem like absolute techno-philes, some seem helpful, some seem... well, it's "productive procrastination."

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