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Sort of Adults and Sort of Kids

I came across these quotes in Chap Clark’s book "Hurt: inside the world of today’s teenagers" about the in-between world adolescents live in:

"The opaque glance and the pimples. The fancy new nakedness they’re all dressed up in with no place to go. The eyes full of secrets they have a strong hunch everybody is on to. The shadowed brow. Being not quite a child and not quite a grown-up either is hard work, and they look it. Living in two worlds at once is no picnic."
–Frederick Buechner, Whistling in the Dark

"It has been said that adolescence begins in biology and ends in culture."
–John Santrock, Adolescence

"Adolescence, then, is a psychosocial, independent search for a unique identity or separateness, with the end goals being a certain knowledge of who one is in relation to others, a willingness to take responsibility for who one is becoming, and a realized commitment to live with others in community."

Sometimes we tend to -I tend to- forget just how difficult life is as a teenager; the questions and doubts, the excitement and enthusiasm, the growth and change. Hopefully those who have walked the road a little longer than others can look back with a sensitivity and compassion as we carefully invite those younger than ourselves to navigate their new found experiences with wisdom.

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