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Hitting the Headlines

Today we had our first team meeting for the South Georgia Conference Safe Sanctuaries steering committee. The meeting went well, we laid a foundation for the work we’ll be doing over the next year or so, and it looks like we’ve got a great team. I’m excited about being a part of something like this. I’ll share more as we go.

In other news, poor old White Lightning (my white ’96 Saturn SL2) doesn’t seem healthy today. As I exited I-16 this morning, she shook and jarred and whirred and whined… the check engine light flickered on… we shared a moment together. Right now the car still runs, but… we’ll see.

Since I’m sitting in the hotel room (enjoying the ESPN on the tv and the wireless internet and the time all by myself to sit reading and blogging – ahhhh), I thought I’d share some "me" news (yes, kirk, "selfish me"), but also wanted to point you guys to a few worthy headlines:

* As football season dawns, high-school football in particular, remember, "It’s just a game."

* Speaking of football, Friday, September 8, 2006 was a Sad Day for Georgia Southern Football (also here). The Eagles kickoff their season tomorrow night, and I’m sure this, along with the loss of WR Teddy Craft this summer, will mark this season. Perhaps even more than the arrival of new GSU head-coach Brian VanGorder.

* In light of my thoughts from last Saturday night, Mike Devries caught my attention with this and this. Not only a few really good worthwhile questions to reflect on, but a great word picture (living to the rhythm of the song versus performing a mechanical routine).

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