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What's on deck?

Since I haven't posted much this past week (been busy, but lots of stuff has been brewing) and since we're coming down the home stretch in my fantasy baseball league (in the last week before play-offs, sitting in third with a guaranteed play-off spot, four-and-one-half games out of second and a first round bye), I thought I'd give you just a brief update and let you know "What's on deck?" (for the non-baseball fans, that means what's coming up next)

We should have the carpet installation completed by Friday, and we'll be moving in over the long holiday weekend, finally. There's food for anybody who wants to help move some furniture! Also, Saturday night I have the privilege of speaking at a community youth gathering in Statesboro called "the Summit". I'll condense what I'm sharing there and post it here after Saturday night.

I'll be posting a series on a book by Stanley/Joiner/Jones called "7 Practices of Effective Ministry" beginning next week, sharing some of my thoughts. I would highly recommend this book to anyone leading in ministry. More on that later...

And next weekend I'll be participating in a Safe Sanctuaries workshop in Macon, looking at how local churches can take steps to reduce the risk of abuse within congregations. I'll be there Friday and Saturday as part of the conference steering committee working to implement some policies and procedures throughout the conference.

So, that's a little of "what's on deck"!

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