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How’s your person?

Our pastor told this story this morning. I thought it was a great little illustration:

This dad is tired and settles in for a nice afternoon nap. His little boy, however, wants to play. Every few minutes the boy wakes the dad wanting some attention. The dad, not wanting to be disturbed from his nap, comes up with a sure fire way to get a little sleep.

He takes a page from the newspaper that has a large color picture of a globe and tears it into twenty-five or thirty pieces. He explains to his son that he now gets to put together his brand new puzzle of the world. Certain this would afford him a some nap-time, the dad settles back down on the couch.

Just a few minutes later the little boy is waking his dad. “My puzzle is done,” he tells his dad. The dad knows his son doesn’t know the location of countries and continents or where oceans go, but looking at the puzzle, everything seemed to be in order. “This is great, son, but how’d you put it together so fast?”

The little boy explained: “You see, there’s a picture of a person on the back of this page, dad, and I know what a person looks like. When I got my person put back together, the world looked just fine.

Perhaps the work of restoring our world lies in allowing God’s son to put our person back together.

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