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What's race got to do with anything?

I’m excited about the FIFA World Cup starting tomorrow. In fact, I’m planning to watch the opening match at noon. There’s been much more talk about soccer as we’ve approached the WC.

Tonight, ESPN’s SportsCenter had a special piece about racism in soccer. In Europe, racism against players and coaches is very prevalent. Black players are often verbally abused, having slurs shouted from the stands. Bananas have been thrown onto the field accompanied by “Monkey” chants. Players are spit on and… well, you get the idea. It’s not an isolated incident, and it’s not subtle. The SportCenter piece did mention that Europe has never had anything equivalent to the civil rights movement that the US had in the 60’s.

Growing up in and now living in the ‘deep south’, it seems I’ve always dealt with issues of race; both people who are ridiculously close-minded as well as folks who are genuinely and generously caring. But this type of open, blatant racism is well beyond anything I’ve experienced.

So here’s a question to wonder about with me for a little while: From a strictly Biblical stand point, what’s race got to do with anything? Is there any difference beyond genetics? Are there narratives from the Bible that address racial issues? Writings in the letters to churches? Does scripture address romantic/intimate relationships between people of different races? Comments welcome.

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