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Hey everybody! We’ve been in Brooklet for almost a week now. Things are good. Here’s the update:

This is officially the first post on the new Mac. Yeah iBook!

This is also the first official post from Brooklet! (I guess, technically, this is from Stilson, but…)

So far there is no news on finding a house. We’re looking for something near the church in our price range, but housing prices in Brooklet seem ridiculously high. There’s a lady in the church who has allowed us to stay in her pool house for cheap as a temporary fix while we are still looking. It’s not much more than a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette-living room, but for the two of us it’s great – especially since we don’t have anywhere else right now. Not to mention, we get access to her swimming pool for the summer, satellite tv, and it turns out I’m picking up wireless from the pool house!

I’ve been busy meeting people and learning names, setting up my office, and getting acclimated to the church and community. I should be able to get into a steady routine of blogging soon, and I’ll continue sharing thoughts and keeping distant friends up to date on Josh and Shannon.

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