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Volunteering for homework?

I do hope to get to sharing some of my thoughts on McLaren's book, Heschel's book, and Lent, but had to pass this on.

Scott Greene, a 33 year old youth worker, goes back to high school as a sophomore for two weeks. He's recording his experiences at Two Weeks Back. This is an idea as interesting as it is odd. Some of his thoughts shed light on the world today's high school students engage, and hopefully will be helpful to those who work and live closely with teenagers. This raises some questions about the idea of incarnational ministry, granted with some limitations. He IS a 33 year old guy roaming the halls of a local high school. It will be interesting to see how his experiences are processed; what is done with the information, how this might inform approaches to discipleship, how this will create a greater understanding of students' lives, struggles, fears, concerns, etc., and how it will aid parents, teachers, those in youth ministry.

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