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Who's number one?

Today’s a good day.

“Why?” you ask. Well, I’m glad you asked, because I plan to tell you.

This weekend marked the end of a long road, the completion of an arduous journey, the culmination of an epic battle. This weekend marked the end of the “2005 ‘Boro League Fantasy Baseball” season.

And not just the end of the season, mind you. For me, it became the crowning moment of my seven month crusade to become ‘League Champion.’ Yes, you read that correctly. Yesterday, I went to sleep a mere mortal of a man, and this morning I awoke ‘League Champion’.

Finishing the regular season barely above .500, AB’s PigInnerds (that’s the team’s name) entered the playoff’s in arguably one of the worst positions as the number five seed in a six team playoff.

AB's PigInnerds are 'Boro League Fantasy Baseball ChampionsThe PigInnerds scraped by in the first round against the Trinity 3-n-1’s by picking up a stolen base, a win, and four strikeouts on the last day of play, tying for those categories, edging the 3-n-1’s with a final score 5-4.

The following week saw the PigInnerds face off against the dreaded Fighting Barones, the regular season winner and number one seed. It was a tough week that got ugly at the end. Falling behind early in the week, I had to pull a major coup of the pitching staff to make up ground, and had 20 starting pitchers take the mound that weekend. However, it was Jimmy Rollins’ triple in the seventh inning (and Bobby Abreu’s 0-for-3 performance) that assured the batting average category and sealed the victory, 6-5. [note: Bobby Abreu was my number two draft choice, traded mid-season to the Fighting Barones for Manny Ramirez, who had a .385 avg. that particular week… thanks again Dan.]

Making it to the final round was prize enough, but it became a lot like those potato chips or crack… I got a taste and just couldn’t quit! The Goose Keepers, number two seed in the playoffs, had to be beat. Again, this seemed to come down to the final hours of the weekend, but we rallied behind a bevy of talented closing pitchers, the Jimmy Rollins hitting streak, the powerful bats of Manny, Richie Sexson, and Lance Berkman. With a final score of 6-4, the PigInnerd became the ‘Boro League champions!

The AB’s PigInnerds. That’s who’s number one.

ps- we’re currently 0-and-4 in fantasy football. that’s just good enough for dead last.

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